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The Fridaythopre Five Dales

Fridaythorpe, East Riding of Yorkshire
Start (OS ref):
SE87480 59110
Maps (1:25,000):
294 Market Weighton & Yorkshire Wolds Central
Road side parking
6.5 milles
3 Hours
Tibthorpe & Wetwang

For walkers who like walking through and above dales, this is the route for you. The Fridaythorpe Five Dales, as the name suggests, takes the hiker through five of the most stunning dales the East Riding has to offer, and also the chance to put foot into a number of others.

There are two optional diversions (marked in red on the route map) allowing a visit to the ‘Waves and Time’ sculpture (part of the Wander – Art on the Yorkshire Wolds Way Project) and the picturesque village of Huggate.

*The Walkers Shelter
This area has an abundance of public footpaths, criss-crossing the Yorkshire Wolds and is easy therefore to design you own routes; however this walk provides a great example of what can be explored and showcases the fantastic walking in the region.

The walk commences from the, where there are a number of locations where provisions can be purchased if required before and after the walk. There is plenty of road side parking available, however as always, please respect local residents.

Please also remember to check out other walks on the Walking Cave Man in the area either by selecting the tabs above or the interactive walk map on the side bar.

The route is walked in an anti-clockwise direction, although there are no particular differences in which way round this is walked, however each direction does include some steep dale ascents/descents.

* Picture of Walkers Shelter taken from

The Route

From the ‘Walkers Shelter in Fridaythorpe (also part of the Wander Project) at GR: SE87480 59110 the walk heads north-east, passing St Mary's church main entrance at GR: SE87439 59201. Keeping to the main road (Back Street) out of the village taking a footpath marked 'Yorkshire Wolds Way' at GR: SE87258 59299.

Fridaythorpe's St Mary's church
Following this path, passing an industrial site on the right, to GR: SE86488 59308 entering West Dale. Cutting steeply down the dale easterly entering Brubber Dale to GR: SE85447 59559. From this point the route head to the dale end onto a farm lane, leading to Gill's Farm at GR: SE8507659409.

West Dale looking towards Horse Dale.
Leaving the farm lane at this point, follow the Wolds Way finger post passing the farm on the right, meeting a road at the end of the path at GR: SE8481159342.

Path running past Gill's Farm & Wolds Way Finger Post pointing in the direction of Thixen Dale

At this point the main route heads south, keeping to the road at GR: SE8575657638, however to view the Waves and Time’ sculpture follow the additional route description below. 

Longer route

Crossing the road follow the path as indicated by the finger post, passing through a gate leading into Thixen Dale. The route keeps to the well defined path which heads down into the foot of the dale to where the sculpture is located at GR: SE8452458940. From the top of the dale the ‘Waves and Time’ sculpture should be visible.

Top of Thixen Dale with 'Waves and Time' Sculpture visible in the distance

 'Waves and Time' Sculpture
Leaving the sculpture the route leave the Yorkshire Wolds Way and heads south. Taking the footpath to the left at GR: SE 84562 58626 towards Pluckham Dale , the footpath head through the dale reaching a wooded area 'Pluckham Plantation' at GR: SE8487658357.

Heading into Pluckham Dale and reaching the start of Pluckham Plantation
Pluckham Plantation
The walk passes directly through the plantation and meets the A166 at GR: SE 84978 57446. Taking care crossing the road (this is busy however there are large grass verges and therefore not dangerous), head down the road to the left meeting up with the shorter route at GR: SE8575657638

Combined route

Carrying on down the A166 take the road on the right at GR: SE 85753 57624, however take the public footpath twenty yard down the road on the left at GR: SE 85757 57581. Keeping to the footpath and the right hand side of the field hedge, walk south east (crossing the farm road to Wold House Farm and walk directly to the entrance to Horse Dale at GR: SE 86623 56338.

Footpath at GR: SE 85757 57581 and enterence to Horse Dale
From the gate to the dale, head directly forward to the foot of the dale passing through a further gate and head up the dale side on the right hand side (there is a clear defined path) to GRSE 87007 56198, where the route turns right  through a further gate meeting a footpath junction at GR: SE 87167 55953 meeting up again with the Yorkshire Wolds Way.

Top of Horse Dale
Turning left, take the footpath that is clearly marked passing Glebe Farm and head down hill on the farm road to GR: SE 87905 55713. If you wish to visit Huggate, at this point take the footpath through the kissing gate and head directly across the field climbing the steep hill into the village (the walking route can easily be rejoined at GR: SE 8811 5570). If a visit to Huggate is not preferred keep to the road following the Yorkshire Wolds Way to the entrance of Cow Dale at GR: SE 8824 5589 (a junction for walkers who are following the Chalklands Way).

Huggate Church and the junction of Cow Dale

This route does not enter Cow Dale but keeps to the Yorkshire Wolds Way, keeping to the track towards Northfield House.

Before reaching the house at GR: SE 8848 5662 a further YWW finger posts points in the direction of Horse Dale. Taking the path to the right of the hedge, Horse Dale is reached at GR: SE88285700.

Passing through the gate and following the well defined footpath to the foot of the Dale (passing the Huggate Bench which is also part of the Wander – Art on the Yorkshire Wolds Way Project) head north west into Holm Dale at GRSE88475751.

Horse Dale

Following the path through Holm Dale and heading straight at GR: SE87475844 the path reaches Fridaythorpe, the end being a short distance turning right at the main road and a right to the Walkers Shelter

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